Dear all Souk El Gharb families and Friends,
In an effort to establish permanent communication between the Municipality Council of our hometown and its citizens we have decided to establish this website hoping that it will be a forum to exchange ideas and to keep you updated of all developments that take place in Souk El Gharb. We also hope that this website will become a venue for all the Souk El Gharbians who live abroad to connect again with their hometown.


Our mission as an elected Council is to serve and help the people in Souk El Gharb.  We will thrive to regain the glory of Souk El Gharb as a hub for education, culture and peace.


We seek your input and your help to make Souk El Gharb a better place.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas and projects to plan for the future; and mostly we care to hear your complaints to be able to adjust our performance.  We need to join our efforts to provide quality services for our families to have an enjoyable living in Souk El Gharb.


Finally a word of thanks to iBaroody Co and especially its Chairman Mr. Aziz Baroudy who donated this website.